Sunday, April 20, 2008

Maybe Someday

Sugarplum likes to listen to a CD of songs from Barney. One of them is about learning things a little at a time. "To walk right up a mountain, first we learn to climb. Because we learn big things a little at a time"

I can't remember the line but there is also something about flying an airplane... and she says "I can fly an airplane" This thrills my husband D because he is a pilot and is training for all his ratings to become a flight instructor.

Every summer there is also a bike race that goes through town right by daycare. So on the afternoon for that leg of the race. they go watch it. She tells me then "I can ride a bike race"
This morning we were watching Elmo's World about pets. She talked about having a hamster. I said maybe someday when you get bigger. Her response?

"Maybe someday I can have a hamster. Maybe someday I can fly an airplane. Maybe someday I can ride a bike race"

Maybe someday indeed Sugarplum - you can fly airplanes and win bike races and climb mountains. You can do anything you want.