Monday, June 23, 2008

The Elusive #2

When Sugarplum was first born the doctor's and nurses drilled it into our head that we had to count wet and dirty diapers as an indication of whether our new little wonder was eating enough. She was breast fed so she would sometimes go DAYS without a dirty diaper and we were assured that as long as she wasn't in any pain and discomfort it was fine.

This assurance wasn't enough for us, oh no... we made a list to keep track of her wet and dirty diapers. Then we had conversations at night about how amazed we were that poop became so interesting once our dear sweet girl was born.

"Did she poop today?"
"Oh YAY! How many times? What color was it? Was it thick or runny?"
"Once... it was like grainy mustard. I never thought I would be happy about poop when I was growing up."

Entire conversations.

Now that we've been on the potty training journey, poop is once again interesting. I finally wised up and started paying attention to when Sugarplum would go play in her room by herself in the evening. Because she decided that was the perfect time to poop in her pants. UGH!!! I made her sit the other night and she finally went on the potty. WOo HOO!! We have achieved both peeing and pooping on the potty... I think we may be on the backside of this mountain.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Adventures in Potty Training

Since I am getting to spend a few weeks at home with Sugarplum while she recovers from her heart surgery, I decided it would be a good time to tackle potty training. Sugarplum has not been the least bit interested in going on the toilet and has only been curious enough to sit on it at my mother's house and at daycare one time.

Generally she responds very well to the timer. So I decided the best course would be to set the timer for trips to the bathroom. After all... it's supposed to work in two days right? Just put them in panties or let them go naked and keep going into the bathroom until they get the idea right and SNAP! Potty Training is done!


I think now she's relying on the timer and not really paying attention. Sigh. So today, I've set the timer for longer intervals until she gets the idea to notice that she needs to go between the times it goes off. We've been working on it since Tuesday. My 2 days was gone yesterday and it's made for a very monotonous week.

On the up side, it looks like I may be getting caught up on laundry.