Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Trip to the Dentist

Sugarplum had her first check-up with the Dentist this morning. She's pretty good about brushing her teeth even if she takes her time and fiddles around (I always help her finish her back teeth) she even gets upset if we forget to brush in the morning before leaving or before going to bed.

Aside from having to hold her down in the chair while they brushed and scaped her teeth, the promise of Dora stickers and a toy made for a very cooperative little girl. That and Mommy letting the dentist look in her mouth first.

She has 20 teeth so far, her back molars aren't up all the way, but they are all broken through. They're spaced well but a little closer on the left side so now we get to start flossing. YAY! I'm terrible at flossing..

But, her teeth look great so she has the dental green light to go ahead with her heart surgery and we don't have to re-schedule due to dental issues. YAY! One more step in the prep process out of the way.