Saturday, April 19, 2008

Goodnight Friend

April 19 Theme: Unique/Funny Signs

This sign is not funny, but it is unique. Today my husband and I are headed to a memorial service for our dear friend, Paul. Paul was a wonderful man we met nearly 10 years ago on a snowmobiling trip. He was a great guy, a friend to everyone, a husband, father, grand-father, and untamed spirit.

He invited us into his motorhome for breakfast before the days ride. (He used to tell us "the service at this restaurant sucks, but the food's pretty good") He played practical jokes on the waiters and waitresses when we went for burgers at lunch. He loved to stop for pizza on the way home. He told great stories of adventures growing up and the life lessons he had learned.

The snowmobilers at Yuba Pass are like a family, and at the head of that family was Paul. He cared for everyone and gave whatever he could whenever anyone needed anything. He was kind, compassionate, warm and inspiring. He loved a good time, a good laugh, a good ride. Those woods will never be the same and the sign above will be posted in his honor and in loving memory by the riders whose lives he has touched.
Paul - we will always love you, we will always miss you, we will always remember you.
Goodnight, dear friend.
*Memorial sign created by Jeff Schauer