Monday, December 8, 2008

Midnight Snacks

Sugarplum has really been pushing the bedtime routine. She's up, she's down, she has to go to the potty, she neds this animal or that, she wants her blanket just so, and on, and on and on.

Last night, she was angling for popcorn and both daddy and I had to tell her to get in bed, she was not getting popcorn, she already brushed her teeth.

On attempt 4,692 she came to the door with something she had to show me:

SP: Mommy, I have something to show you

Me: What? Get back in bed

SP: Here Mommy (hands me something from her empty hand)

Me: Thank you so much! Now get back in bed

SP: It's a booger

Me: Great - get back in bed

SP: Did you eat it?

Me: NO! I don't eat boogers! Get back in bed!

[husband laughing from the couch]

SP: Don't Mommy and Daddy! Don't laugh! [heavy sigh]

It's a good thing she makes me laugh as much as she does.

Friday, December 5, 2008

November ROFL


About 3 years ago, I participated in a weight loss forum. One of the mom's there posted a link to a blog that she found hilarious. Being curious as I am, I followed that link and was introduced to Jessica at Oh, The Joys. I read her blog religiously from that day on... and would get downright disappointed if she went too long without posting.

Eventually, Jessica inspired me to start my own blog to capture these precious memories of my own daughter growing up. Many of her posts are quite thoughtful and inspire me to want to be a better person... and then there's those that just make me giggle.

So, I've decided to award Jessica the November ROFL award for TWO posts. I couldn't decide which one made me laugh harder. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Santa's Little Gangsta's
A Matter of Minutes

Visit Oh, The Joys and Chicky Chicky Baby for more ROFL's and nominate your favorite giggles next month!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Now, if only the writing would improve...

I'm trying to be better about blogging.. I enjoy blogging but sometimes I get typer's block. So I'd like to thank this lovely lady for giving me a quiz and thus a post for today. Thanks!

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dreams of Gerard

I've been having weird dreams lately. The other night I dreamt that my ex-boyfriend's wife was very pregnant with their second child. (She just had their first in June) and this was to be a girl named Charlotte.

Last night, I dreamt that I was with a bunch of girls at some party with my brother and his friends. One of his friends was an english guy with long dark curly hair named Gerard Gerard. I guess his parents were not very creative with naming.

He was showing off his ab work from the gym and someone decided all the women should touch his stomach and decide if he needed harder abs or not. Like anyone with a six pack needs to have harder abs.

I decided to confuse the guy and make him hold my hand. Then I became totally relaxed and nearly fell asleep. He was completely baffled. Then my daughter woke me up.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mother of the Year, right here, that's me

Yep... I win the Mother of the Year award for my good deeds on Sunday.

When shopping on Saturday at Tar-jay, I bought DD some strawberry applesauce. No big deal. She's had it before. It's nothing special or new. I even let her eat some on Sunday.

Before her nap.

Can you see where this is going?

When she got up from her nap, she proceeded to throw-up said applesauce on me. So we hopped in the shower and got all cleaned up where she proceeded to tell me she felt better.

Then I completely ignored her when she said her tummy hurt but that she didn't have to throw up again. So what did I do?

Whisked her out of the house to finish running errands of course. A trip to the pharmacy where I did NOT get any kind of sick kid medicine for her.

Then to the grocery store because god forbid I be stuck one more day without corn dogs in the freezer.

That's where she proceeded to yak up the rest of the applesauce. Right in front of the dairy case... and did I take her home then? Of course not. SHE insisted on finishing the shopping. Because then her stomach felt much better.

Then when we got home, since she'd already puked everything up, I granted her wish for a warm cup of milk. Yeah, that ended up on the clean couch. At least it's leather and easy to clean again.

On the upside, I wised up and gave her dry toast for dinner which she kept down and she was totally fine today. So now, I'm off to polish a spot on my bookcase for that nice new mother of the year trophy I'll be receiving any day now. I'm pretty sure I've reached some kind of parenting milestone right? Because no parenting experience can be complete without a yakking kid in the grocery store right?