Friday, July 25, 2008

Time Warp

Forgive me blogosphere, for I have sinned. It has been 32 days since my last post.

We've been busy! At the end of June Sugarplum had her second post-operative check-up with her cardiologist. He gave her a clean bill of health and said she was all clear to go on a family vacation/reunion we had tentatively planned.

The last weekend in June brought us to Disneyland and California Adventure in Anaheim. She had SOOOO much fun. She went on a good number of kiddie rides and even a couple big kid rides and did really well. She even got through the 6 hour car ride remarkably well with no potty accidents. WOO HOO!!

The following week was spent in San Diego with my husband's family culminating in a family reunion at Gramma's house for the 4th of July. It was a great vacation and we all can't wait to go again.

We came home to a pool which turned green again in that first week we were home but at least there were no conspicuous business cards from the code enforcement officer in our front gate so I guess the neighbor took a break from her chore-tracking activities.

I took water samples to the pool supply store and my husband and I *almost converted to a salt system. Through a couple tests and adjustments in chemical levels, our pool is no longer green and we've managed to get rid of the algae. Unfortunately, playing mad scientist with pool chemicals is not always the best strategy for fighting algae. Who knew?

*I actually bought a salt system but had to return it because our washer decided to die last weekend, so I needed a couple new appliances instead. I'd rather be able to do laundry than swim in saline so I am now the proud owner of a Kenmore Elite Oasis washer and dryer set. No, it's not front loading because I don't want to have to keep the door open in order for it to not mold.

I'm now back at work and back to real life. It's a bummer because I felt like I was just starting to get into a stay-home-mom groove but alas, I'd like to keep paying my mortgage bill.

Thanks to everyone who has sent their warm wishes and good thoughts for Sugarplum's speedy and healthy recovery.