Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Helper!

Sugarplum has been getting praised and told she's a good helper when she participates in cleaning up the toys at the end of the day at daycare. We're also trying to teach her to pick up her toys from the living room at night and put them in her room. They don't get put away so well, but at least they make it into her room.

Last night I got kicked out of the bathroom during bath time. I was good for washing her hair and soaping up her body, but when it got to the fun play-time, she wanted Daddy to sit with her. Ok.. I can go read some blogs, that's alright.

Then she was promised a lollipop (because she DID eat a great dinner for once) so she wanted to sit on the couch with Daddy and her lollipop and watch a documentary about the USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier. Guess who picked the show?

SO then it got down to bed time. She has an evening ritual where she has to chase and be chased by Daddy up and down the hallway while screaming her little heart out and giggling. It's too darn cute. This is when I gather up the required bed-time stuffed animals and blanket and wait in her room. She comes in, sits in my lap and takes a few last sips of water and climbs into bed.

Generally, if I'm home, I'm the one that has to tuck her in. Then check on her. And wish her "extra sleeps, night-night, and sweet princess dreams". Well.. in a rare moment, she decided she wanted Daddy to tuck her in. Woo Hoo! Escape! I don't have to wide up the pink elephant 14 times! I don't have to keep re-starting the glow-worm! No yanking on the green dinosaur so he'll play his lullaby while being tucked back under her blanket!

Then he went in to check on her a few minutes later to make sure she was "all set". Then she asked for mommy. So I went in for one last tuck and snuggle, and she gave me a big hug and kiss and said "you're a good helper, Mommy"

So are you Sugarplum!