Wednesday, May 28, 2008

24 Hours

This fabulous lady posed an interesting question. What would you do if you had 24 hours completely free to do whatever you wanted, just for you, that no one would know about. Hmm.

For starters, I think I would sleep in. I would want to get a massage. I might read.. I might work on some scrapbooking project.. I might play video game I enjoy. I would probably want to bake something yummy. I might indulge in some completely mindless television. I would probably shop for some fabulous new outfit complete with shoes, purse, make-up and perfume. That I would not wear all the time.

I say I *might* do all these things, because I really don't know what I would do. I think I would go wherever the breeze takes me on that day. I guess maybe I don't have an answer.. because I wouldn't plan it.. complete freedom to me is being able to do whatever I want when the mood strikes.

How about you - what would you do?

Post your answer with a link to the original post and let her know about it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Big Helper

May 24 Theme: Shoes

Occasionally Sugarplum will help her Daddy put on his socks and shoes before going somewhere. She sits down with him, grabs the top of his shoes and pulls. While she grunts. Then tells us how it's "hard work". She's a great helper!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Road to Recovery

Well, we are firmly on the road to recovery. Sugarplum's heart surgery went very well and the surgeon does not expect that she will have any further complications or need any further operations on her Mitral valve. She was sedated the first night while she had the breathing tube in and on Saturday morning they took it out at about 11:30. She had to wait another 4 hours before she could swallow anything making it about 30 hours total without food or water by mouth. She was receiving IV nutrition but that does nothing to help the empty tummy. She was very happy to get some apple juice Saturday afternoon and milk later that evening.

Sunday she got the chest tube out and got a lot more comfortable. Monday she was awake all day and she even got to go to the play room upstairs and was happy to be able to move better.

Yesterday we got to come home! She's playing and moving around the house without any problems and is pretty well back to her normal self. We just have to be careful about how we pick her up but she's dancing and walking just fine and even climbing up on our bed and the couch all by herself.

We are so happy to have our Sugarplum back home!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trick or Treat!

May 17 Theme: Candy

Last year was Sugarplum's first time Trick or Treating for real. We dressed her up in a Dorothy dress and walked around with friends of ours. Once she got a lollipop, she was a happy camper!

In other news: Her heart surgery went really well - she's still in ICU and we are headed back to the hospital shortly. I'll post a more detailed update in a few days.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Neglectful Home Owners: 2

Spiteful too-much-time-on-her-hands neighbor: 0

Code enforcement came out to look at the pool this afternoon.

"Oh.. is this how it looked when I contacted you?" (which was yesterday)


"Well... ok, there's some algae... but it's not even built up and accumulated on the sides"

"nope.. this is the typical algae bloom when the weather changes"

"how long does it take to clear up when it gets like this?"

"A few days.. we use shock treatment, chlorine, and we're trying a new product that is supposed to help clear up an algae bloom. I can show you what we use if you need to see it"

"No.. is it chlorinated now?"


"OK.. I'm just going to take a couple pictures for the file and close this violation out. When it clears up, send me an e-mail so I know. I'm going to put notes in that it's in the process of being cleared. "

"ok.. I don't know how soon that will be. The surgery is this week and we'll be in the hospital."

"of course, just whenever you get a chance"

"ok, thanks"

so glad that's over.. one more hassle I didn't need this week. Thanks neighbor!

Monday, May 12, 2008

As if...

As if I don't have enough going on right now, this bitch decides to up and call code enforcement again. I'm pretty certain now that it's she who called. What I don't know, is what on earth we ever did to offend her. Maybe she's just one of those people who doesn't have enough going on in their life, they have to pay attention to everyone else's.

Today the business card from the inspector nicely says that she's going to have to start issuing citations for lack of maintenance. Thing is, the algae blooms and takes us a few weeks to get it cleared up and in good shape every time the season changes. I called back and left a message that we'd be happy to have the pool looked at again, but it'll have to be in a couple weeks because of the surgery. I haven't heard back from her yet. I also sent an e-mail.

Like I really need to be dealing with pool shit right now too. What's a girl gotta do to catch a break around here?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

After 10

"Sugarplum, can you count to ten?"


"What comes after ten?"

"Ready or not, here I come!"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cookie Toes

May 10 Theme: Share ANY Photo

This was taken the first time Sugarplum helped me make cookies. I had her up on the counter to help pour in and stir up the flour and sugar for Snickerdoodles. Needless to say, she needed to work on her aim a bit.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mama Carrots

Sugarplum likes to help me pick out produce in the grocery store. Right now, it's the bargaining chip I use to get her into the cart so I let her help and buy whichever vegetables she gets her fingers on. She usually asks for Brocolli and sometimes Asparagus. She'll even eat them too. Last time we also picked out zucchini.

After we were done with the green veggies, she wanted carrots. I like baby carrots so I grabbed a new bag of them, and told her "here you go honey, now we have baby carrots"

>commence whimpering<

"Noooo.... Mommmmmy... I want mama carrots!"

How could I be so clueless?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Sugarplum

Today is your actual birthday, Sugarplum. Even though we celebrated on Saturday, you turned 3 an hour ago. I called you at daycare and you have been happily playing all day in your new Cinderella dress-up dress. You are having such a good day, you even turned down "Old Mac Donald's" for a birthday cheeseburger and french fries.

Three years and one hour ago, my life changed in immeasureable ways. I continue to learn how to love, teach, cherish and respect another human being in ways I never thought possible. Even when I get frustrated, I always love you and cherish you and am so grateful that I get the honor of being your mom.

I love you Sugarplum, Happy 3rd Birthday.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Sands of Time

May 3 Theme: Time

Today we are celebrating Sugarplum's 3rd birthday. For a present, her daddy and I got her a sand box to play in. So far she is loving it. I can't believe my baby is already turning three. The sands of time seem to flow faster and faster with each passing year. Today, I'm going to slow down and enjoy the celebration.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Two Weeks

In two weeks time, I will have to work through the longest day of my life. I will have to hand my Sugarplum over to a stranger to be fixed.

At three months old, we found out she has an ASD that we were told would eventually require surgery. When we found out we cried, we fretted, we researched, and we accepted that someday, this day would come. Now, as each day brings us closer to the final moment, when "eventually" becomes the past, my anxiety builds steadily.

In two weeks time, I will put my heart and soul into this man's hands. For him this is routine. For him, this is common practice. We met him today. He was warm and kind even though he was pressed for time and couldn't sit with us for very long. He explained that her procedure is not complicated for his skilled staff. He explained that within just a few weeks, our Sugarplum would be back to her normal self but with a new badge of honor. A battle scar to prove she's one tough cookie.

I've never had to put so much faith and trust into one person. I've never contemplated what it means to hand over my most precious gift to be cared for and kept safe. In two weeks time, that is what I will do.