Friday, March 14, 2008

Sugar Van Winkle

Doodaddy created a fun post about where his munchkin will be in 20 years and a day.. and decided to turn it into a meme. Then he went a tagged me for it. So here it is: my fantasy for Sugarplum in 20 years:

It is just a couple months before her 23rd birthday. She's looking forward to finishing college and already has a great job lined up. It's even near home so she'll be able to have Sunday dinners with her dear 'ole Dad and me once in awhile. If we're lucky she'll bring her new beau over soon. They've only been dating a couple weeks so it's a little scary to meet the parents. He's been accepted to grad school near by so things are looking up for the both of them and they've already found a great apartment to rent that comes available in a few months.

Her life is just getting off the ground and she's got a great start. She's happy with where she is and looking forward to a bright future. She's doing what she loves and gets to spend lots of time with various volunteer efforts that are important to her, including Angel Flight, an organization where private pilots donate their time and energy to flying sick people around for treatments with specialists they wouldn't otherwise get to see. Her daddy was a great inspiration to her in that venture, teaching her to fly when she was just a teenager and letting her use the plane whenever she needs. You know, the one we bought when we won the lottery?

Sugarplum has the world at her fingertips and the luxury to do anything she wants with it.. and best of all, the courage to take the chance.


For this meme, I tag Liv, Rimarama, Avery and Amy. Where will your kids be in 20 years and a day?