Saturday, March 1, 2008

Little Gymboree Punk

Saturdays are Sugarplum's day to play at Gymboree. This means we go to the mall and this means that periodically we get discounts to their clothing store. Which has the cutest clothes at the most astronomical prices so I only buy them when I have a discount.

One of the nice things about this store is that they understand mostly moms will be in their with their small children so they have a television set up with a kids video and a couple small chairs. When we were there today all the chairs were taken. That's ok, Sugarplum is doing alright with her sharing so I reminded her to share and not get right in front of the TV.

Well... three-year-olds (almost) need to be told things more than once. And sometimes they need to physically be moved when they won't get out of the way. Ok, fair enough. But in between all this, what do I hear one of the kids saying to my Sugarplum? Who is a boy about the age of 7 or 8? "I could slap you in the face." I turned around again, moved her again, and told him "No, you can NOT slap her in the face." He just stared at me.

Mom didn't even notice, she was trying to pile up clothes at the counter and pay for them. I briefly thought about tattling to her, but really, what would it have done? She probably would have thought some crazy woman was picking on her son for no reason. The little punk. If he has learned that it's ok to slap other people in the face for any reason, I hope he gets knocked on his butt before he's too old and learns it's not ok. And I hope it's by a girl who's smaller than him.