Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Hard Boiled Egg Day!

Happy Easter! To those that celebrate Easter... and happy... first Sunday of spring to those that don't.

Growing up, Easter was never a huge church holiday for us... we weren't really involved with church, which is ok by me, but we ALWAYS colored eggs and had a hunt and got treats from the Easter Bunny. Sometimes, we even found eggs from last year.. how we didn't find them by smell in August is beyond me but there you go.

Now that we have Sugarplum, we have carried on the tradition in our own home... but just how many egg salad sandwiches can you eat in a week? So what else do you do with the eggs? If you're anything like me, you draw a total blank and can't think of anything else to do with Hard Boiled Eggs. Until now.

Here are some recipes I found for good 'ole hard boiled eggs:

Dandelions With Hard Boiled Eggs (I don't think I could ever really eat this...)
Hard Boiled Eggs with Celery and Oysters (In case you wanna get down to bidness?)
Hard Boiled Eggs with Finnan Haddie (too bad Hubby doesn't like fish)
Hard Boiled Eggs with Creamed Onions (So I can summon my mighty wind)
Asparagus Mimosa (Where's the Champagne and Orange Juice?)

Maybe I'll just stick with Egg Salad sandwiches and Potato Salad.