Monday, March 10, 2008

Falling Pants

Last winter Sugarplum slept soundly through the night easily until 6:30. This was just about perfect because it gave me time to get up and get ready to leave, and then get her up and ready and out the door around 7.

Somewhere around the Daylight Saving time change, she started waking up around 5. This simply will not do, so we would bring her into our room for some extra cuddles. She asks for a hot baba and then settles back down to a good sleep while I keep hitting the snooze button.

Now... occasionally, married people will, at some point after their children go to bed, get down to bidness. Mom, you can stop reading now.

Last night, our bedroom was rather warm following the great turn in the weather, and I went back to sleep (ahem) with just my t-shirt and underwear. So this morning, when Nicole asked for her baba, she stopped me walking out the room.

"Mommy! You're pants fell down!"

My but she does have keen powers of observation, even at 5 am in the dark.