Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not Born Yet

My husband's cousin is having a baby. Next weekend is her baby shower and I will be taking Sugarplum with me. So of course, we had to go buy a gift for the new little bundle. Since we were going into BRU and Sugarplum ALWAYS asks for toys... I explained we had to get a gift for A's baby. She looked perplexed. She had no idea who this baby was. I explained that he's not born yet, he's groing in his mommy's tummy. And she grew in mommy's tummy before she was born too. She seemed to accept this... but decided the baby must be groing in MY tummy. No No... I explained, I'm not his mommy. A is. That was the end of that. I figured that was enough of the "Where do Babies Come From?" topic for now..

Fast Foward to Monday morning on our way to daycare.

SP: (from the back seat) "Mommy, I two."

Me: "Yes Baby, you are two. When is your birthday?"

SP: "No... I not born yet."

Me: "Honey, you were born almost three years ago."

SP: "NOOO! I NOT born yet!"

That is one long pregnancy.