Friday, November 16, 2007


Sugarplum is learning to share. Some things she shares really well, others, not so much. Giraffe doesn't get shared. Green Blankey doesn't get shared. The Barney that lives at the daycare lady's house doesn't get shared. Most other things she's pretty good about; "moko" kisses (eskimo kisses), hugs, nuggles, high fives or even props.
I'm happy about all these for the most part, but how do I teach her she doesn't have to share everything? Such as: influenza, strep throat, the common cold. She can keep those totally to herself. Rank them right up there with Giraffe and Green Blankey.
I'm rambling here tonight because I'm up with a damn cough. Nighttime-sniffling-sneezing-coughing-aching-stuffyhead-fever-so-you-can-rest-medicine my ass. While I'm sitting here drinking mint tea in hopes of soothing my throat, D gets to sleep with the Vick's steamer all by himself and Sugarplum is nestled all snug in her bed. Meanwhile, I get to read more blogs, and count the minutes it's been since I took Ny-quil and try to figure out if it's too soon to take some Delsym.
Tomorrow I ought to be extra productive at work.