Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hot Dad's!

I listen to the radio in the car all the time, including on the way to daycare each morning. The station I listen to is a classic rock station and every year they support local teen-aged musicians by holding a contest. The finalists get to play on the air and people vote for their favorite bands.
This year the show host was talking about the hot mom's that were in the studio to support their kids musical aspirations. Hmm... do I want my two year old who is starting to repeat things to hear much more of this? Just then the co-host asks, "well what about the hot dads?"
Of course, THAT'S what Sugarplum latched on to.. and merrily chirped from the back seat "HOT DADS!"
Guess we have to start watching what we say in front of her a little closer.