Monday, November 26, 2007

Mommy Boo Boo

Ok, so I think the tryptophan is finally out of my system and I've even gotten through all the e-mail I missed at work from taking a few extra days off last week to prep for Thanksgiving.

We survived the holiday pretty well and I only have one battle scar. Neither one of us managed to stab ourselves while carving the bird but I did get a nice mashed potato burn while draining the spuds from the boiling water.

Sugarplum noticed it again yesterday and pointed it out to me

SP: "Mommy boo boo"

Me: "Yes honey, that's mommy's boo boo from potatoes. Can you kiss it and make it better"

SP: "OK!"

At which point she leans over and gives me a kiss. Sometimes I'm amazed at what a little sweetheart she is. I think the next time she's testing my patience and pushing the limits, I'll try to remember how kind and tender she was yesterday and maybe keep my patience just a little bit longer.