Monday, November 12, 2007

Nap Wars

Saturday the Sugarplum and I fought an epic battle over nap time. We usually go to Gymboree in the mid-morning so she can play with other little ones and then we go home and within a couple hours or so take a nap.
For the past several weekends, nap time has become difficult. I've been convinced it's because her room is the brightest in the house. So Saturday morning, I put foil on her windows.
What must the neighbors think? I had it on hand and it's a lot cheaper than putting in new curtains or blinds designed to block out the light. Do you think that helped? No.
After running a couple errands after Gymboree, she decided she didn't want to go home and that the appropriate way to express her desire would be to hit me and try to bite me. WRONG! We went home and she went straight into bed. Where she proceeded to scream her head off every ten minutes until I came in to tuck her back in. I even made it to 25 minutes one time before going back. After 3 1/2 hours, I just couldn't stand it anymore and took her out of her crib.
The real kicker? My husband D put her down on Sunday and she didn't make a peep and was down for 2 hours. His payback will come when she's a teenager and we're both on our periods.