Monday, November 12, 2007

Bigger Butt Cells

I watched a show not too long ago called "The Science of Obesity". They said in this show that people are born with a set number of fat cells and that when you gain weight, you don't gain fat cells, your fat cells just get bigger. So why are the fat cells on my butt bigger than the fat cells on my feet? I don't want bigger butt cells.
So, I've taken the next step in my quest to become a domestic goddess - I've rejoined my water aerobics class. My mom is my workout buddy and we just re-joined last week. We were really successful with this particular venture, three years ago before I was pregnant with Sugarplum and when I was able to make the time to go to 6 classes a week. I had no problem jumping right in and keeping up.
Our class tonight though was was pretty intense and we gave up half way through to go sit in the hot-tub. The last two classes we've survived, but they were taught by other instructors. I felt really limited tonight. That is until mom spotted a great quote on the way out the door. I have no idea who said it, I'll have to check next time. What are today's words of workout inspiration?

"Don't let the sky be the limit when there are footprints on the moon"