Monday, February 4, 2008

You're the BEST!

So this weekend, we had been invited to a stupor-bowl party but decided to chill at home instead. Good thing we did because I was sick. Don't know if it was food poisoning or a flu, but I was down for the count.

Hubby D was fantastic and ran interference with Sugarplum and kept her from climbing on me. She did want to come to take a nap with me and rubbed my cheek saying "sweet dreams, Mommy"

Later after my 18th nap, D went to the kitchen to cut some warm bread I made. It was brown -n- serve lest you think I was making bread while sick. (I'm no where close to achieving that level of domestic goddessness yet)

As he was walking into the kitchen, Sugarplum stood up and called after him "You're the BEST, DADDY! You're the BEST!"

On a side note, I received this blog bling from Amy over at Milkbreath and Margartia's - Thanks Amy!!! I'll pass it on as soon as my temperature is back to normal and I can think straight.