Sunday, February 17, 2008

How Far

How far does a stick have to be shoved up your rear end sideways in order to ignore and even give dirty looks over a 2 year old trying to talk to you?

Sugarplum and I went to the Garden Center this morning with my mom. It's my favorite garden store and in the outdoor area they have red Radio Flyer wagons that you can drag all your plants around in. Sugarplum of course wanted to pull it herself. She was doing a really good job too. Until she got tripped up on a corner, literally, and skinned her knee. She's ok but it was rather sensitive. As we were checking out she was trying to tell the lady about her boo boo. "Lady - I got a boo boo. Lady. Lady! Lady!!" The woman just ignored her and looked sour ringing up my mom's plants. I had to take Sugarplum outside and all I could think to tell her was the lady had to concentrate and that sometimes people don't like to talk.

My heart broke for her - she doesn't understand why the plant lady wouldn't talk to her. Everyone talks to her. She said "Nooo Mommy!!! People talk!!" It was so sad. I found myself being increasingly irritated over it all afternoon. All we could come up with was that she did not seem to be a very happy person at all. Now I'm sad for her.