Sunday, January 27, 2008

Love for the Vacuum

Sugarplum has always been somewhat nervous about the vacuum. She's interested in it, and will help her Daddy push it around the living room, but gets nervous and keeps her distance if she's not helping control it. So imagine my surprise when last night (and again this morning) she was giving love to the vacuum.
I should mention that she has a goodbye ritual. When she says goodbye to someone, or goodnight to us, she gives a "moko" kiss (Eskimo kiss), hug and snuggle, and a real kiss.
Back to the vacuum - she was opening the closet door, saying hi, then saying "Goodbye, see you next time. See you next week. Moko Kiss, Hug, Snuggle, Real Kiss (and kissed the vacuum), Goodbye!" then closed the door.
I only hope this love affair continues when she's old enough to actually be able to vacuum the living room herself. It will have probably worn off by then, but what the hell, I can dream right?