Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm In My House, Spying on Your Backyard

I hate nosy neighbors. We have a neighbor next door who likes to police the neighborhood. Of course, none of her complaints are ever confirmed but because she has made noise about all the neighbors at one time or another, we all assume it's her. It might also be the people behind us because they can see directly into our backyard.

So we got a visit today - from the city code enforcement office. They inspector couldn't get into our backyard so we got a note on our gate to call her right away. Turns out, there has been a complaint filed about our pool. Which means someone is spying on our backyard. They complained that there is a chair in the pool and it's green.

Yes, there's a chair in the pool. It's a white plastic backyard chair that ends up in the pool every time the wind kicks up. Being winter time, there is a lot of wind around. Imagine that. There's also leaves blown in the pool. There's also algae in the pool. This happens every winter. The water itself is clear, not murky, but yes, there is some algae on the sides of the pool, which we clean, all the time. It's not standing water. It's not mosquito season, it's not like the West Nile virus is a risk right now. If it was, I could give a little leeway for the concern. But it's not. So I can't.

I hate it when people feel like they have the right to police everyone else instead of take care of their own crap and mind their own business. Like, oh I don't know, take care of the trees and plants that droop over the fence and are partly responsible for the leaves in the pool! GRRRR!