Friday, May 2, 2008

Two Weeks

In two weeks time, I will have to work through the longest day of my life. I will have to hand my Sugarplum over to a stranger to be fixed.

At three months old, we found out she has an ASD that we were told would eventually require surgery. When we found out we cried, we fretted, we researched, and we accepted that someday, this day would come. Now, as each day brings us closer to the final moment, when "eventually" becomes the past, my anxiety builds steadily.

In two weeks time, I will put my heart and soul into this man's hands. For him this is routine. For him, this is common practice. We met him today. He was warm and kind even though he was pressed for time and couldn't sit with us for very long. He explained that her procedure is not complicated for his skilled staff. He explained that within just a few weeks, our Sugarplum would be back to her normal self but with a new badge of honor. A battle scar to prove she's one tough cookie.

I've never had to put so much faith and trust into one person. I've never contemplated what it means to hand over my most precious gift to be cared for and kept safe. In two weeks time, that is what I will do.