Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Road to Recovery

Well, we are firmly on the road to recovery. Sugarplum's heart surgery went very well and the surgeon does not expect that she will have any further complications or need any further operations on her Mitral valve. She was sedated the first night while she had the breathing tube in and on Saturday morning they took it out at about 11:30. She had to wait another 4 hours before she could swallow anything making it about 30 hours total without food or water by mouth. She was receiving IV nutrition but that does nothing to help the empty tummy. She was very happy to get some apple juice Saturday afternoon and milk later that evening.

Sunday she got the chest tube out and got a lot more comfortable. Monday she was awake all day and she even got to go to the play room upstairs and was happy to be able to move better.

Yesterday we got to come home! She's playing and moving around the house without any problems and is pretty well back to her normal self. We just have to be careful about how we pick her up but she's dancing and walking just fine and even climbing up on our bed and the couch all by herself.

We are so happy to have our Sugarplum back home!