Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two Words

Apparently Sugarplum has decided that there are two words that best describe me:

Sour and Curdled

Witness this morning's conversation in the car:

SP: Mommy, are you old?

Me: NO! I'm not old!

SP: (With the high pitch of insistence that only a 3 year old can reach) YES YOU ARE!

Me: You really think so? Is Daddy old?

SP: No

Me: Is Oma old?

SP: No. You are old like the milk in my ba-ba (sippy cup)

Maybe I've not been doing a very good job leaving my work at work these days. I've found myself often frustrated and feeling sour toward the condescending harpy I have to work with. Yesterday I actually counted the days on the calendar left until her upcoming 3 month vacation. 47 including today. It. Can't. Come. Soon. Enough.