Friday, September 19, 2008


I've always thought the word coupon was a funny sounding word. I was watching a Ron White show and he pronounced it "Coo-puns" so I always hear it that way in my head now.


Every year, coming into fall, I get all kinds of ideas about how I'm going to be better organized in the coming year and I start practicing around now.

A couple years ago, it was buying Quicken to manage my checkbook better. Last year it was a new Franklin Covey organizer set which lasted until about January 12th.

Then about halfway through the year I get re-inspired and find some new tool for the second half of the year. I love tools. I love re-organizing myself. I work with financial information in spreadsheets and I have spreadsheets to balance other spreadsheets. I love making things ordering and concise. I just have a hard time keeping them that way.


This year's organization endeavor is into the world of coupons and saving money. Gas prices are up over $4 a gallon and we're getting a double whammy at the grocery stores because of it. We're not in any danger of losing our house or anything, but we're definitely feeling the pinch. So today, I took that Franklin Covey binder and bought some supplies for it to turn it into a coupon binder. I don't end up using those planning sheets very well so I may as well make the leather binder useful.

I also scored a great deal on a new tote bag to drag my personal household paperwork that I do at lunch time to work for $45 marked down from $99. Score! I signed up at an online coupon site, printed a bunch of online coupons and even still had Wednesday's junk mail on the table and cut some coupons out of that too. Here's hoping the grocery dollars stretch a little farther this weekend.