Thursday, December 6, 2007

Insomnia Must Be Contagious

Insomnia must be contagious. My mom has been having the worst time trying to sleep for the past few weeks. I think maybe it's gotten better but I don't know and I haven't asked because I caught it and have been too tired in the morning to remember to bring it up. You see, Sugarplum's daycare provider lives next door so every morning we go to Oma's for a quick visit first, and the bonus is, I don't have to make coffee in the morning. She always has a pot already made. (Thanks Mom!)
Back to my complaining. The last few nights I have NOT been able to sleep. I have tossed and turned all night long. Under the covers, on top of the covers, on each side, on my stomach, you name it, I've tried it. I simply can't get comfortable and I can't seem to shut my brain off for the night.
It's not as though I'm thinking about anything fun either. No sir. I think about things like spreadsheets and budgets and work related krap. Well - that's not entirely true, I've been thinking about World of Warcraft too (yo V! What up?) which is a computer game that can be fun but I still end up thinking about my to-do list. Maybe that's how the work dreams get started.
There is absolutely no point to this post other than to complain that I'm tired. At least I'm taking the day off tomorrow. Wheee!