Monday, May 30, 2011

Picking Up

When I was coming to the realization that my marriage was ending, I discovered that I was really lonely. I had spent the majority of the previous 14 years slowly isolating myself from my friends. When we all graduated high school and scattered to the wind, we exchanged phone numbers and addresses and promised to always keep in touch.

I came down to really only having 2 good friends, and neither of them were people I had promised to keep in touch with. It didn't bother me so much then.. I had a job, I had a young child, I had a marriage and house to distract me.

Then Facebook came along, and I re-connected with a lot of the friends I had drifted from. We've all grown and changed, but in so many ways we've stayed the same. At our core, we're all pretty much the same people. Maybe I'm naive and completely off base, but in the last year, I have really enjoyed my friends again. I have come to believe that acquaintances may come and go, but true friends will be around to pick up wherever you left off no matter how much time has passed.