Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Shopping Already?

I had every intention of attempting to participate in NaBloPoMo.. but I missed it didn't I? Ah well.. sometimes life is just too busy.

The feast is over and I'm still doing dishes. At least a majority of the pots and pans are in the dishwasher now. I'm determined to have my kitchen cleaned up just in time to have my mom, aunts, gramma and sister-in-law over to celebrate the December birthdays next weekend. Mine, my mother's and my SIL's. December is expensive for my brother.

We don't have our Christmas tree yet, but probably will in a couple weeks. I did pull out decorations yesterday and put my Christmas village up on the mantle. I also found cute indoor/outdoor pre-lit 2 foot tree's at Tar-jay... except that the indoor part is only the lights. There was no way to stand them up. I made do with a planter and a big styrofoam ball though.

We have yet to get lights on the house in spite of the fact that I've had them in the garage for 3 years now. Maybe this year..

My Christmas shopping is almost done except for two people. My mother being one of them. She always claims to only want socks. One of these years she's going to get a big empty stocking. That's a sock right?

Happy Holly-daze!!