Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let's Try This Again...

Ok, so I haven't been so great at this blogging thing. Over a year ago, I posted about a church service I went to about adversity. I still think about that service, and I would still rather be coffee.

2010 brought another year of big changes in my life. I didn't post about it, but at the end of 2009, I decided, and told my husband, that I couldn't be married to him anymore. We didn't hate each other, we just weren't right to be married to each other.

I did find a temp job that had started in February and lasted through April. After receiving an offer and asking if it was negotiable (because is was $5-8,000 lower than originally discussed) the offer was rescinded. Assholes.

I had been looking for an apartment and found one in the next town, but being without a job again was tough. I had some money saved, I had some good feedback on my resume, so in May, I took a huge gamble and moved out of the house I'd shared with my husband. Without a job. I worked a bit for a family business, and found myself a job that started on June 30th of last year. It doesn't pay enough, and I still help out the family business, but it's around the corner from where I live and it has good potential for growth.

I'm in a better school district for Sugarplum, my best friend watches her after school and my husband and I share 50/50 custody. She gets 2 days a week with each of us plus alternating weekends. It works out really well and she's thriving. The split household took a little bit of getting used to for her, but overall, she's done very well and we've remained very consistent with her schedule.

There were more changes in 2010 that I'll write more about later, but it's these events.. the job loss.. the move.. the new job.. the separation.. these stand out as some of the biggest risks I have ever taken. They are also the events that have brought me the most personal growth and for that, I will cherish them always.